Production of glulam structures for buildings and bridges

ZAZA TIMBER Production manufactures glued laminated timber structures (glulam) for construction companies worldwide. We specialize in project-based manufacturing, and produce straight and curved glulam structures measuring up to 32 metres. Central to our ability to deliver prefabricated structures is a range of postproduction services: large-format CNC processing, installation of steel parts, surface treament and finishing – all done in our factory in Latvia.

Glulam manufacturing projects from A to Z.

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Prefabricated Glulam Structures - as in the Project

We complete client orders of any difficulty from A to Z, with a great variety of details, from simple ones to those for which we need to use special manufacturing, coupling and finishing solutions. As a result, construction is fast, simple, exact and saves time and money.

Parts up to 32 m

We manufacture glulam beams and block glued glulam up to 32 m long and 2.1 m in height

Curved structures

We manufacture curved glulam beams and block glued glulam with constant and varied radii > 2.5 m.

CNC processing: high-precision drilling, cutting and milling

We can produce the most complex details from computer files using a fully-automated large format 5-axis CNC.

Installation of steel parts

We install connecting parts made of steel: fixtures, joints, shear keys.

Surface treatment and finishing

Surface treatment for fire safety and protection against the elements: various technologies including pressure treatment.

Surfaces with variable incline

We produce glulam parts with inclines on several planes, as well as variable inclines, spherical surfaces and even free-form curves.

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We manufacture products which comply with PEFC requirements.

Ask for our FSC® – certified products. We manufacture FSC Mix and products which comply 100% with FSC requirements.

We have ISO 9001:2015 quality management system in place.

We manufacture spruce, pine and larch structures which comply with the requirements of EN14080:2013, with a range of strength classes from GL20h to GL32.

We have a certified Environmental Product Declaration (Nr S-P-04453)

Quality and Technologies

The company has implemented ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, LEAN principles and EN 14080 production standards. We sort through all our timber before processing to ensure that we only use materials that match the client’s strength class needs and visual requirements. To ensure quality, we undergo regular testing: finger joint tensile strength testing, shear tests and delamination tests. Independent auditors regularly audit our adherence to quality systems.

We use the latest Ledinek and Sarmax equipment for gluing and planing.

For processing, we use fully-automated high-capacity large format wood processing equipment—Technowood CNC—which can manufacture the most complex details with high precision in accordance with the manufacturing computer files. The machine works on five axes and drills, cuts, saws and sands with high precision.

For gluing, we use the latest Purbond and Akzo Nobel glues.  

ZAZA TIMBER Production SIA is part of the ZAZA Group which also includes timber structure engineering and construction companies. 

ZAZA TIMBER Production was founded in 2015, and operated under the name IKTK until 2021. In this year, we formed ZAZA TIMBER, a unified brand for construction, manufacture and design, and IKTK changed its name to ZAZA TIMBER Production. The letters A and Z in the name point to the wide range of services we offer: a full service cycle from A to Z.

We have manufactured structures for transport, pedestrian and ski bridges, manufacturing, office and residential buildings, schools, libraries, sports facilities, restaurants, hotels, concert halls, churches, barracks, hangars, petrol stations and EV charging stations. They are located in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Germany, Spain, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, the U.S., Qatar, South Korea and the Netherlands. See some of our works here.

Our factory employs more than 40 people. Get to know our management team.

Gatis Eglitis ZAZA TIMBER Production

Gatis Eglītis

Managing Director
Roberts Skroms ZAZA TIMBER Production

Roberts Skroms

Head of Manufacturing
Andrejs Domkins ZAZA TIMBER Production

Andrejs Domkins

Head of Technical Division
Edgars Rudzītis ZAZA TIMBER Production

Edgars Rudzītis

Project Manager, Quality Manager
Gatis Stepiņš ZAZA TIMBER

Gatis Stepiņš

Project Manager
Oskars Ruļuks ZAZA TIMBER Production

Oskars Ruļuks


Ričards Zīriņš

Senior CNC operator

Armands Ozols

Quality Controller
Andris Bērziņš ZAZA TIMBER

Andris Bērziņš

Quality Engineer

Mareks Balodis

Export Sales Manager
Deivis Ķelderis ZAZA TIMBER

Deivis Ķelderis

Export Sales Manager

Ieva Ķikule

Export Sales Manager
Māris Peilāns ZAZA TIMBER Construction

Māris Peilāns

Chairman of the Management Board

Sarmīte Rudaka


Jānis Šveds

Head of Finance

Juta Dūrīte

Legal Advisor

Āris Dreimanis

Marketing, Communications and Brand Manager

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ZAZA TIMBER Production SIA (formerly: SIA IKTK) has signed an agreement with the Central Finance and Contracting Agency to implement “Manufacturing Premises Expansion for SIA IKTK”, project no., with co-financing from the EU European Regional Development Fund. Find out more.