Ski bridge in Beitostølen, Norway

The bridge is in a ski resort and spans across the motorway. Despite its exposure to sharply changing and harsh weather the bridge is designed to last for at least 100 years.

Our services:
  • Location
    Beitostolen (Norway)
  • Year of construction
  • Dimensions
    Length: 41 m, width: 6 m
  • Built by
    Eiqon AS

ZAZA TIMBER Production (previously: IKTK) manufactured the bridge parts, applied surface treatment, completed drilling and sawing for assembly, embedded metal fastenings, and applied pressure treatment.

We manufactured straight and curved blocks for the bridge’s truss, cross beams, beams and columns. Total volume: 117 m3, strength class: GL28h, pine. Number of parts: 174; longest part: 16 m.

Sawing, drilling and milling was done in the factory. Metal parts were also affixed in the factory.

The bridge is exposed to sharply changeable and harsh weather conditions, so the parts were treated against moisture and the weather before gluing. After gluing and embedding metal details, the structures were treated in an autoclave with the latest-generation creosote.

This was our first large bridge, and manufacture took 5 months.