Structural engineering of timber structures and connections. Detail drawing, factory and assembly drawings of timber structures and components.


Straight and curved glulam structures of up to 32 metres long. CNC processing. Assembly fastenings. Surface treatment and finishes.


Assembly of timber structures and construction project management. Construction experience in Latvia and Nordic countries.

Wood is our passion

Our trust in glulam as a modern construction material is evident in our own home.

Our office building is made of wood. It was designed by our engineers. The constructions were manufactured in our factory. We built it ourselves. The walls and ceiling of the building breathe. For us, it was more important to find a use for every piece of wood than to achieve perfect beauty. That’s why we used the offcuts and discards from our factory to build our office. 

Our CEO and his family also live in a glulam house. Could there be a higher level of trust?

Concept building by ZAZA TIMBER_0RK7803