Second wing for a factory

The second wing of our factory was for our CNC equipment and finishing processes for glulam structures of up to 32 metres long and 10 tonnes in weight. 

  • Location
    Raubēni (Latvia)
  • Year of construction
  • Dimensions
    Width, length: 32x45 m; height 13 m; building area 1446 m2
  • Architect

ZAZA TIMBER Engineering’s (previously: Rodentia) role in this project:

- Structural design development of timber structure
- Detail drawing
- Technical drawings for manufacture and assembly.

The structure is made up of glulam frames with 5 m spacing. Each frame is made up of columns and a beam.

- The pitched cambered beam with a 32 m span and variable cross section (1.6-2.1 m) rests on the columns.
- The columns have a moment-resisting base connection.

For manufacturing purposes, the building has two beam cranes which can carry 5t each. The columns of the frame have a variable cross section with a step which supports an HEB 300 profile steel craneway beam.

To ensure that the building can pass the strain of the crane to its foundations, the column base connection is made with fully threaded timber screws inclined at a 45-degree angle that provides high stiffness compared with pin-style connectors.

Since the dimensions of the beam exceed the production dimensions, an additional ridge element with a height of 1.1m was attached to the beam to provide the necessary roof incline.

The beams are reinforced with threaded steel rods to improve the load-bearing capacity of the beam and to prevent cracking.

Custom made steel wind braces were used to ensure the general stability of the building.

For fire safety, we designed a firewall for the end of the building. It divides the building from the adjacent wing, while the fireproof gates ensure we can move structures from one wing to the other.

ZAZA TIMBER Production (previously: IKTK) manufactured the glulam structures to build the factory. There was not a large number of parts, but they were large in scale:
- 12 curved roof beams 32 meters in length with a variable cross section (between 1.5 and 3.2 m).
- 31 columns made at different heights (7.2-9.7 m). Some of the columns had a variable cross section (0.6 m -1.2 m).

Total volume: 244 m3; strength category: GL28h; pine.

Manufacture took place simultaneously alongside assembly.

ZAZA TIMBER Construction (previously: Igate Būve) provided a full construction cycle:

- building foundations and firewalls,
- building load-bearing walls and roof
- assembling cladding sandwich panels
- installing heating, fire sprinkler systems
- installing electricity, lighting, rainwater drainage.

Before assembling the timber structures, we built the foundations: 124 screw piles to a depth of 5.3 m, concreting, plus a firewall with gates between the old and new wings.

We did the necessary drilling and sawing in the produced structures and embedded assembly connectors.

The beams were reinforced with threaded steel rods to improve the load-bearing capacity of the beam.

We also embedded additional steel details to ensure horizontal and vertical stability of the building.

Manufacture and assembly of the structures took place simultaneously: as soon as the factory had manufactured a new beam and its supporting columns, they were assembled.

Assembly of the timber structures took 11 days.

Total construction time: 6 months.