ZAZA TIMBER is assembling the TZMO’s office building


In the second phase of the construction of the TZMO office and logistics center in Riga, ZAZA TIMBER has started building a two-story office building with a construction area of ​​800 m2. Timber (glulam and CLT) is mostly used in building construction. The construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2024.

In this project, ZAZA TIMBER has three roles – lead structural designer, a producer of glulam structures and a builder of timber structures.

The TZMO logistics and office center will be one of the largest wooden buildings in Latvia. In the first phase, an 18.9 m high logistics center with an area of ​​3226 m2 was assembled.

For this project, ZAZA TIMBER produced 858 m3 of glulam structures.