KF Skolen school building in Norway

The four-storey school building in Norway was built from CLT panels and glulam structures. We manufactured 159 m3 glued laminated timber columns and beams. 

Our services:
  • Location
    Stavanger, Norway
  • Year of construction
  • Dimensions
    Five four-storey school buildings with a total area of 4595 m2
  • Our services
    Glulam structures
  • Architect
    Link Architecture
  • Built by
    Backe Rogaland AS, Skonto Prefab, Aisi Constructor
  • Design
    Acetra (before: Ace Arheget)

For this building, ZAZA TIMBER Production manufactured the glulam beams and columns. We made them from spruce with a strength class of GL24h. Total volume: 159 m3.

Our client was Skonto Prefab, who were responsible for all assembly of the timber structures.

We made the structures using CNC processing as pre-fabricated parts in accordance with the technical drawings. We undertook all the drilling, sawing and cutting for assembling.

This project had a large variety of beams and columns: 73 types of parts and a total of 250 parts. The beams were of different widths, lengths, and heights. The longest beams were 12 meters long and 0.78 m tall.

Manufacture took place between May and September, and was organized according to the builders’ assembly schedule. The complex had five buildings, each with four storeys, and we manufactured the structures for each floor in line with the specified manufacture and delivery times.