Pedestrian Bridge Over the Motorway by Nature Park in Tervete, Latvia

The 87 metre-long covered pedestrian bridge over the motorway connects the Latvian State Forests Tērvete Nature Park with its car park. The Tērvete nature park is one of Latvia’s most popular family attractions year-round. 

Our services:
  • Location
    Tērvete, Latvia
  • Year of construction
  • Dimensions
    Length: 87 m
  • Client
    Latvija State Forests
  • Built by
    AB „Kauno tiltai”
  • Design
    “M.A.Taka”, A. Lieckalniņš, “Meka”, A. Domkins, RTU, A. Paeglītis

ZAZA TIMBER Production (previously: IKTK) manufactured straight and curved beams, block-glued structures and panels for the bridge truss, cross beams, beams, bridge approach, and roof structure.

The parts were made of pine, spruce and larch.

The total number of parts: 178. Total volume of structures: 97 m3; strength classes: GL28h, GL24c. The longest part was 10.3 m long. The largest part was 8.5 m3, the smallest was 1.38 m3.

After manufacture, we treated the surfaces of the structures. We used Koppers oil, which protects from the damp and external forces. The planned lifespan of the load-bearing structures is at least 80 years.

At the same time, the bridge serves as a site of scientific research: it contains 16 moisture meters which report on the amount of moisture in the timber structures every two hours, while the bend of the bridge is measured every month.

The builder assembled the bridge on the grounds of our factory, and was transported to its location in one piece.

Manufacture time: 8 weeks.