ZAZA TIMBER expands its glulam manufacturing factory


On June 30, the completion of the foundations for the construction of the new building of the ZAZA TIMBER Production SIA factory was celebrated with the laying of a time capsule. The construction of the third building of the factory started in May of this year. The new factory building will be 65 meters long and 34 meters wide, the roof ridge will be 12.76 meters high. The company’s current premises have become cramped as production has increased in recent years.

In the foreground, the chairman of the board of ZAZA TIMBER Production Māris Peilāns and the project manager Jānis Kulikovskis. In the second plan, from the left, Andrejs Domkins, director of MeKA and Edijs Ramiņš, responsible construction manager of the construction company Bukoteks.


The expansion of the glulam manufacturing factory will enable the company to develop the post-processing – surface treatment, painting and other works. As the use of timber in construction increases, timber more often fulfills two functions – a load-bearing function and interior design. Accordingly, higher visual quality requirements are applied to it.

Most of the glulam structures produced by ZAZA TIMBER are exported – they are used to build transport and pedestrian bridges, industrial, office and residential buildings, schools, churches, sports facilities, hotels, concert halls, fuel and electric charging stations in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia, USA, South Korea, Germany, Netherlands, Spain. This year, Australia and Morocco added to the export markets with large orders.

The ZAZA TIMBER brand is represented by a group of companies manufacturing, building and designing timber structures, with the headquarters and glulam factory located in Latvia. It employs more than 60 people.

ZAZA TIMBER Production, the group’s glulam manufacturing arm (originally named “IKTK”) started operating in 2015, when it launched a glulam manufacturing production line. The next expansion took place in 2019, when the second building was built, for the processing of structures with a large-format CNC machine and for the fastening of metal joints. This allowed ZAZA TIMBER to produce curved and straight glued wooden structures up to 32 meters long, as well as to perform high-precision and complex post-processing.

The chairman of the board of ZAZA TIMBER Production, Māris Peilāns mentioned that the growth of the company was gradual and not without stumbling, but it was compensated by determination and faith in one’s cause. The many export projects, including orders from two new continents for the company this year – Australia and Africa – show that Latvian companies can do great things.

The cost of the new factory building is planned at 2.5 million euros, of which 45% is financed by the European Regional Development Fund. The construction of the new building is planned to be completed by the end of this year.



The project “Expansion of production facilities at SIA “IKTK”” (project no. is implemented with the support of the European Regional Development Fund. The aim of the project is to expand the activity of the woodworking company ZAZA TIMBER Production SIA (previous name – SIA IKTK) and develop the production of new products by creating new production facilities for the adjacent production facility in Jelgava county. The implementation of the project is related to increasing the capacity of an existing place of business by offering innovative products.