ZAZA TIMBER manufactures and assembles a 65 m long timber bridge in Linköping, Sweden


ZAZA TIMBER is working on a 65 meters long timber bridge over the Tinnerbäcken in Linköping, Sweden. Our roles are manufacturing and assembly of timber parts of the bridge. Manufacturing and pre-assembly of both sides of the bridge was done at our plant in Latvia and the 29.5 m long parts were transported to the construction site where our team is doing the final assembly.

Glulam / limträ: 84 m3, CLT / KL-trä: 40 m3, steel parts: 11,5 t.

  • General contractor: NCC Sverige
  • Arhitect: Rundquist Arkitekter AB
  • Client: Linköpings kommun
  • Timber structure assembly and glulam manufacturing: ZAZA TIMBER