VIRŠI Petrol Station in Latvia

VIRŠI is aiming to use more renewable resources in its buildings. For their new station, our manufacturing company produced timber structures, while our construction company was the general contractor in charge of all construction.  

Our services:
  • Location
    Jelgava (Latvia)
  • Year of construction
  • Dimensions
    Building area of the shop building: 237 m2
  • Client
    1. Zemgales īpašumu aģentūra
  • Architect
    Ieva Freilība
  • Design

From a manufacturing point of view, this was not a large project. We manufactured roof beams, columns and gables.

We made 35 parts out of spruce with a strength class of GL24h and a volume of 27 m3.

Some beams had a variable height. The longest beams were 11.7 m long.

We did all the necessary milling, drilling and sawing at the factory.

Manufacturing time: 2 weeks.

For this project, ZAZA TIMBER Construction (formerly: Igate Būve) was the general contractor responsible in full for building the building and petrol pump roof.

We provided a full construction cycle: foundations; timber, stone and roof structures; electrics; lighting; plumbing and rainwater drainage; paving and landscaping; forecourt and driveways.

Before assembling the timber structures, we installed injection piles and strip foundations.

The store section was built using glulam beams, while the administrative section was built using Fibo blocks.

Our own specialists assembled the timber structures. We also embedded assembly parts and fastenings (screws, rods) into the structures.

To protect the timber, we treated the surfaces of the glulam structures. For the parts not exposed to the elements, we used transparent varnish (Remmers HK-LASUR).

Construction time: 4.5 months.