The new wing of ZAZA TIMBER factory has been completed


On December 20, 2023, the State Construction Control Office put into operation the new building of the ZAZA TIMBER Production SIA factory which produces glued laminated timber structures for buildings and bridges. The project was supported by the European Regional Development Fund.





The construction of the new annex of the factory started in May, 2023. The new annex is 65 meters long and 34 meters wide, the roof ridge is 12.76 meters high. The load-bearing structures were made of glued laminated timber.

The new factory wing will be used for installation of steel parts, surface treatment and finishing of glulam structures – effectively increasing company’s capacity in manufacturing custom-made pre-fabricated glulam structures.  In recent years, along with the increase in export volume, the production volume has increased so the company sought to increase production space.

Most of the glulam structures produced by ZAZA TIMBER are exported – they are used to build transport and pedestrian bridges, industrial, office and residential buildings, schools, churches, sports facilities, hotels, concert halls, fuel and electric charging stations in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia , USA, South Korea, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Morocco, Australia.

The ZAZA TIMBER brand is represented by a group of three companies based in Latvia specializing in manufacturing, building and designing timber structures. More than 80 people work in ZAZA TIMBER group of companies.

The manufacturing arm of ZAZA TIMBER group started operating in 2015 – the factory was designed to produce curved and straight glulam structures up to 32 meters long. In 2019, the second factory building was completed housing large-format CNC machine enabling high-precision and complex post-processing. By additionally offering installation of steel parts, pre-assembly and surface treatment the company developed into manufacturing and delivering custom-made pre-fabricated glulam structures for construction companies worldwide.