Bridge projects in 2021 by ZAZA TIMBER Engineering


In 2021, in addition to other projects ZAZA TIMBER Engineering team worked on three bridge projects. Two of them are pedestrian, one is a traffic bridge. The load-bearing structures of all three bridges are designed from glulam.

We always enjoy our bridge projects as they provide an opportunity to follow through: we design from A to Z: from the overall structure to the smallest detail, we keep an eye on the construction process and provide author supervision. Moreover, thanks to our daily cooperation with the glulam manufacturer we are often able to help the builder with the required glulam structures.

We have a history with bridge projects. In previous years, our engineers designed a bridge over the Piķurga River, as well as two complexes of watercourse crossings – in the Langervalde forest in Jelgava and in the eastern border area of ​​Latvia.

Our projects in 2021.


Bridge at the mouth of the Lilaste River and the Baltic sea

ZAZA TIMBER Engineering project - glulam bridge across Lilaste river

The bridge was built and put into operation in 2021.

The bridge is located at the mouth of the Lilaste River and allows easy crossing of the Lilaste River at any time of the year. The bridge ensures the movement of the participants of the hiking route “Jūrtaka” and other lovers of active recreation along the sea shore to and from Saulkrasti.

  • Total length of the bridge: 27.2 m (3 spans, each span 9 m).
  • Bridge width: 1.45 m, walkway width 1.2 m.
  • The load-bearing structure is made of four glulam beams  (GL24h) with a cross-sectional dimension of 160 mm x 385 mm.
  • All wooden constructions are industrially impregnated under pressure for NP5 class.
  • Surface treatment: Koppers Protim oil for wood, grey colour.
  • Customer: Carnikava county.
  • Builder: SIA “Ceļinieks 2010”.
  • Designer and author’s supervisor: ZAZA TIMBER Engineering SIA.


Bridge over the Briede river in Zilaiskalns parish, Valmiera county

ZAZA TIMBER Engineering project visualisation. Glulam bridge across Briede River in Latvia.

This pedestrian and bicycle bridge is will be built on the “Green Railway” in Zilaiskalns parish, Valmiera county (formerly Kocēni county) across the Briede river.

In 2021, we designed the bridge. Construction is scheduled for 2022.

  • The total length of the bridge is 24.65 m with spans of 6 m, 12.87 m and 5.78 m. The width of the free space of the bridge sidewalk is 1.6 m.
  • The bridge is designed from glulam beams, which are intended for double impregnation.
  • The bridge railings and deck are made of high-pressure impregnated planed timber, additionally treated with oil for wood.
  • It is planned to use the renovated existing supports of the old narrow gauge railway for the bridge supports.
  • Customer: Valmiera county.
  • Designer and author’s supervisor: ZAZA TIMBER Engineering SIA.


Bridge over the Vircava river in Jelgava county

ZAZA TIMBER Engineering project visualisation. Glulam bridge across Vircava river in Latvia.

Project visualisation.


In 2021, a bridge project was developed and the construction of the bridge started with creation of concrete supports.

Project title: “Reconstruction of Vircava river bridge on the road Šalkas-Upmaļi-Vircava”. During the reconstruction of the bridge, the existing road bridge was completely dismantled and a new bridge is being built.

  • The span of the bridge is 16.00 m, providing a bridge without intermediate supports to improve the flow of the river, as well as reduce the formation of ice congestion and river sediments.
  • The total length of the bridge structure is 23.40 m, width 7.90 m.
  • Roadway width: 6.5 m, roadway pavement – asphalt concrete.
  • The load-bearing structure consists of a slab of 61 glued timber beams (each beam width 115 mm and height 880 to 964 mm) tensioned in the transverse direction of the bridge with tensioning cables.
  • Slab contraction joints should intersect at the openings for columns.
  • The sides of the slab structure are intended to be protected from precipitation by spinning due to the cladding.
  • The shore support is made of monolithic reinforced concrete with 4 CFA type drilling piles with a diameter of 880 mm and a length of 9 m on the right bank and 11 m on the left bank.
  • Customer: Jelgava county.
  • Builder: SIA “RĪGAS TILTI”.
  • Designer and author’s supervisor: ZAZA TIMBER Engineering SIA.